LED Flexible Lamp

Professional LED map light for rally
  • Wide and uniformly bright beam with single-chip LED bulb
  • Natural day-light color LED
  • Firm and durable flexible arm
  • Illuminating angle can be adjusted by sliding shade.
  • Compatible with BA9s-fitting bulbs
  • DC24V powered type is also available
Material :
・Aluminium casting (Base),
・ABS (Shade),
・Spring steel (Flexible arm)
Power : 20mA@DC12V, 11mA@DC24V
Brigtness : 4 lumen
Bulb size : BA9s
Accesarries included : Arm clip, Screws

S size

Price : ASK
Part No. : FLS
Length : 236mm~274mm

M size

Price : ASK
Part No. : FLM
Length : 364mm~375mm

L size

Price : ASK
Part No. : FLL
Length : 465mm~477mm
LED Bulb(spare)
Price : ASK
Part No. :
  • FL-LED12 (for DC12V)
  • FL-LED24 (for DC24V)