NAVICOM Intercom


     Attached at center console


     Attached at Seat Stays

     Renault 8 Gordini (1965)

Sound adjustable intercom system for optimum communication
True “universal” amplifier, and simple to use

Sensitivity and tone of each channel can be adjusted for clear and stress-free communication. Most of brand’s helmet or headset can be also used optimally. Optional cord is available for iPhone, 2way-radio, and audio input. Noise-filtered DC12V powered.
Easy Installation to Helmet

Flexible mic boom can be easily and firmly attached to open-face or full-face helmet by 3M Dual-lock fastener. No drilling required. Flexible arm type is also more durable against harsh handling compared to joint arm type.
micspeaker_setting_samplea1 micspeaker_setting_sampleb1
Superior microphone and speaker unit

A bi-directional noiseless microphone unit from KTEL(Japan), has excellent noise-reduction performance. A speaker unit has ear cushion for superior comfort and sound insulation.
Light weight components reduce tiredness after long use.
Pro-spec cord and connectors

An electrical cord is custom-made for max resistance to flexing, durability and suppressing electromagnetic noise.
Headset and mic & speaker kit has a curl cord for preventing accidental disconnection. Its length and orientation is designed not to interfere with HANS device and full harness.
Japan quality and reliability
Usability, performance, and reliability is secured by use of high-grade components and thorough inspection. Spare parts and repairing service also available. RoHS compliant.

NAVICOM sound onboard video

● Non-NAVICOM amp with BELL® helmets
Dr: Nutahara Co-Dr: Sato (50sec)
Clipping and muffled sound. Difficult to hear sometimes.
● NAVICOM amp with BELL® helmets
Dr: Nutahara Co-Dr: Sato(50sec)
No clipping nor muffled sound. Less ambient noise and easier to focus on hearing.

Overseas Entrant:
● Impressed by volume range. Stilo (TM) helmet and Peltor (TM) headset usage is perfect by simply adjusting its volume.

Japan Rally Championship Entrant:
● Clear sound like old Peltor amp (FMT110), and adequate volume range contribute to stress free operation.
● Noise level will be increased if volume set too high, however it can be minimised by adjusting mic gain level.

Japan Rally Championship Entrant:
● Noise free sound really helps us to make accurate pace notes even with an onboard camera connected.
● Handy to be compatible with so many Rally Helmet brands.

Japan Rally Championship Entrant:
After getting used to this clear sound, I cannot use other amps.
As well as current DC12V power, the option of battery (9v) power would be handy for easy installation ion recce car.

Intercom Amp  renewal model under development 

  • Intuitive and fail-proof operation, a power push switch and rotary volume knobs for driver and co-driver.
  • Each channel has sound adjustments and impedance selector for optimum sound. Compatible with many brands of helmet/mic & speaker.
  • Auxiliary connector is provided for mixing other source, such as 2way-radio, iPhone, audio input, etc..
  • Noise filter is fitted for each channel and power line for clear sound.
  • DC12V powered
Part No. : NAV-A2  sold out 
Audio: Mono
Mic impedance selection : LOW-600Ω,ECM
Speaker impedance selection : LOW-600Ω
Applicable Mic & Speaker/Headset Brand : NAVICOM, PELTOR, STILO(WRC DES), SPARCO, OMP, TERRATRIP(PRO+)
Sound Adjustment : Treble, Bass, Mic gain,VOX Mic and Speaker impedance select (each Ch)
Audio output : RCA Female conenctor
Power : DC12V (Range 10-15V)
Current Consumption : 100-200mA
Weight : 280g(excl.cord & connectors)
Kit Contents :
・2 Screws for mounting amp case
・1 Mini screw driver for sound adjutment


Durable and light-weight headset suitable for harsh vibration and noisy environment.
Part No. : NAV-H2
Audio : Mono
Weight : 316g (incl. cord)
Kit Contents :
・Mic sponge for water, dust and noise protection
・Original carrying pouch for scratch protection

Mic and Speaker Kit

Easy and firm installation. Adequate sound insulation and durable design for motorsport use.
Part No. : NAV-MS2
Audio : Mono
Weight : 87g (incld. cord)
Kit Contents :
・Mic sponge for water, dust and noise protection
・3M dual-lock fastener (for helmet surface)
・Velcro (for speaker unit inside helmet)
Compatibility : Open-face helmet, Full-face helmet(*)
*NOTE: Racing full-face helmet with small space around mouth (such as Arai GP-5S,6S ) is not suitable, as mic unit is interfered with face in fitting.

Optional Parts

Adaptor for STILO Headset (curled cord type)

NAVICOM amp – STILO helmet, headset or mic speaker kit
Part No. : NAV-HS2
Cord Length : 50cm

Curl Extension Cord

Extending CH cord with curl.
Part No. : NAV-EXT-05
Cord Length : 50cm

iPhone Cord Kit

Enable to mix iPhone’s sound/voice into NAVICOM amp.
A remote push button is functioned as Siri activation, and acception of incoming calls.
iphone-connecting Part No. : NAV-EX-IP
Connection : 3.5mm headphone jack
Kit Contents :
・Waterproof Push Switch(cord length : 50cm)
・Switch Extension Cord 150cm
※ NAVICOM Amp and iPhone are not included in the kit.

2way Radio Cord Kit

Enable to mix 2way radio voice into NAVICOM amp.
A remote push button is functioned as PTT(Push To Talk) switch.
amp-2way-radio-cord-kit Part No. : NAV-EX-TR
Kit Contents :
・Waterproof Push Switch(cord length : 50cm)
・Switch Extension Cord 125cm※ NAVICOM Amp and 2way radio are not included in the kit.

Audio Input Cords

For mixing external sound, such as countdown of rally computer,etc.. into NAVICOM amp.
nav-kt051 Part No. : NAV-KT051
Jack :Stereo 3.5mm
Length : 78cm
nav-kt052 Part No. : NAV-KT052
Jack : Stereo 2.5mm
Length : 78cm

Mic & Speaker Spare Kit

Spare sponge parts for NAVICOM Mic & Speaker Kit
NAV_sponge&earspare Part No. : NAV-MS1-S
Kit Contents :
・ear cushion x2
・mic sponge x1
・fastener for helmet x1

Headset Spare Kit

Spare sponge parts for NAVICOM Headset
headset_sparekit Part No. : NAV-H1-S
Kit Contents :
・ear cushion x2
・inner cushion x2
・mic sponge x1