NOVEC 1230 (Gas) Handhelds

Environmentally friendly halide fire extinguishing gas with excellent fire extinguishing performance and safe to use.
  • High electrical insulation with no affect to electronic devices. Suitable for hybrid cars, hydrogen cars and alcohol fuel cars.
  • No need to clean after discharge
  • Safe to human. (as there is no cooling during radiation, there is no harmful to frostbite even directly inject to human body.
  • Environmentally friendly. (Ozone destruction coeffeicient ZERO, global warming coefficient less than 1, atmospheric life 7 days)
  • Light-weight aluminium cylinder.
  • Discharge can be temporally stopped by releasing grip.
  • Easily operated stainless steel quick release strap.
  • Compact foldable metal grip.
  • Refilling service available.
  • Class A (carbonaceous) fires, such as paper, wood, plastic
  • Class B (flammable liquid) fires, such as paraffin, oil, petrol, alcohol, Ethanol
  • Class C (electrical) fires, such as lithium ion battery, hybrid & electric cars
  • Hydrogen cars

About 3M NOVECTM1230 Gas Handheld

NOVEC-1230 is an environmentally friendly halide fire extinguishing gas with excellent fire extinguisheing performance and safe to use. It was developed for fire extinguishing in petroleum related facilities, server rooms, museums etc.
Please see the video below for more details (2min 32sec)。

*3M, NOVEC are trademarks of 3M Company

1.25kg Handheld

Wine Red Color



Extinguishant:NOVEC1230 Gas

Contents:1.25 kg

Weight(Cylinder Only):1.8 kg

Weight(Full Kit):1.9 kg

Size(mm):H 324 × φ82

Discharge Time: 10sec / 20℃

Discharge Distance: 1.5m– 2.5m / 20℃

Operation Temp.: -15℃– 60℃

Service Cycle:2 years

Expiration : 8 years

2.0kg Handheld

Wine Red Color
【JAF/FIA complied】


※Dischargeable in multi-orientation


Extinguishant:NOVEC1230 Gas

Contents:2.0 kg

Weight(Cylinder only):3.1 kg

Weight(Full Kit):3.4 kg

Size(mm):H 373 × φ108

Discharge Time :33sec / 20℃

Discharge Distance:1.5m- 2.5m / 20℃

Operation Temp.:-15℃– 60℃

Service Cycle:2 years

Expiration : 8 years

● All models are not invertible during discharge.
● Motorsport use only